Monday, 28 February 2011

Last Day Of February!

Well this is the life! After a cold frosty start the last day of February turned into a really beautiful sunny day and warm enough to shed coats and pullovers! A friend sent me pictures of a snowstorm where she lives and has to shovel deep snow every day from her path and here is me sitting relaxing in the sun! I did a day of intense weeding and the garden is looking really good at the moment.
Ok...this sitting about is all well and good but it never gets the work done! Where did I put my trowel?
The goldfish are probably looking for something to eat. So far this pond is frog free and it is probably not suitable to them anyhow. Rest assured they would not get staying if they ever thought about taking up residence!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh .. they remind me of my Minnie. They sure are red .. I wonder why they call them goldfish .. they look more orange or red to me. haha

  2. I think they are red with embarassment because the pond weed....

  3. They should feel lucky to have such a fine pond to swim around in. And Colin, you look young enough in those pictures to be carded. haha (In the U.S. carded means they ask for I.D. to see if you are over 21).

  4. O gosh...and I thought only the Irish had the blarney!