Thursday, 3 March 2011

That Robin Again!

Yesterday when I was pruning, my little mate came to sit beside me seemingly begging me to start digging rather than prune! I did scuff the soil up a bit with my foot and he got some grubs and a piece of bread I threw down for him


  1. Nice little friend you have there. I'm sure he appreciated the bugs and bread!

  2. i have a male and female cardinal that comes to my tree in the back yard. I always try to buy seeds with sunflowers in them because they love them. I have yet to get a real good picture of them, they are so flighty. My doves sit out there and pose for me...haaaaa.. That robin is too cute...

  3. Would love to see pics of your cardinals Judy. When I have not a camera handy he sits in closer to and I have missed some great shots like him sitting on my barrow or spade and when I have acamera he is more shy!